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Auction Information

Disclaimer & Frequently Asked Questions

Auction rules:

  • All auctions begin at 9:00am
  • Auction proceeds in order of list provided the day of the auction
  • All bids start at $130 unless otherwise noted
  • All bids are binding. Do not bid unless you are prepared to pay the amount plus the amount of towing if necessary
  • All auction purchases must be paid in CASH unless prior arrangements have been made.
  • Titles for auction property must be transferred to purchaser before property is released.
  • If you make a purchase that must be towed from our yard, the cost for the tow will be $65 within the local area.

We make every effort to make our online listing as accurate as possible, but we do not guarantee that everything listed will be available the day of the auction. All property is sold in "AS IS" condition.


Auction Email Notification

Recieve updates and news related to upcoming auctions.

February 19, 2020

2004 2G1WF52E949369037 Chevrolet Impala WHITE
1998 1FMZU32X9WUD31504 Ford Explorer BLUE
2002 1GCCS19WX28112023 Chevrolet S10 BURG
1999 1GDFG15R1X1072392 GMC SAVANA 1500  
1995 1G1JC5243S7154388 Chevrolet Cavalier  
2007 WB10185A57ZL43628 BMW F650 SILVER
1998 1GKDT13W3W2553841 GMC Jimmy  
2008 1G1AL18F687134050 Chevrolet Cobalt BLUE
2004 JTKKT624840071299 Scion xA TEAL
2005 4NUES16S356702627 Isuzu ASCENDER BURG
1994 1GCDC14K2RZ146211 Chevrolet C1500 WHITE
2003 1HGCM66573A014565 Honda Accord  
2001 JN1CA31A01T318318 Nissan Maxima BURG
2006 2G4WC552661290570 Buick LaCrosse  
2008 4T1BE46K58U789997 Toyota Camry  
2005 1FTRF12295NA49024 Ford F-150 WHITE
2000 1GTEC19TXYZ313614 GMC Sierra 1500 GRAY
2006 1YVHP80D255M11288 Mazda 6 GRAY
2011 4T1BK3EK9BU610307 Toyota Camry GREEN
2007 JTNBE46K373106764 Toyota Camry BLUE
2014 3FADP4EJ7EM111760 Ford Fiesta RED
2003 1D7HA18DX3S339117 Dodge Ram 1500 RED
1995 JH4DC445XSS005685 Acura Integra GRAY
2001 1C3EL65U61N562621 Chrysler Sebring BLACK
2013 2GNALBEKXD6318598 Chevrolet Equinox BLACK
2000 1G8ZH5289YZ261578 Saturn SL SERIES BEIGE
1998 3B7HC16Z6WM249284 Dodge Ram 1500 WHITE
2005 1G6DP567X50115827 Cadillac CTS  
2006 2B3KA43R16H475668 Dodge Charger silver
2002 2G1FP22K322126203 CHEVY CAMARO WHITE
1995 1FASP15J4SW347011 Ford Escort RED
2010 2HGFA1F55AH310269 Honda Civic BLACK
2001 1G6KD54Y81U243157 Cadillac DeVille WHITE
1999 1J4GW68S2XC665698 Jeep Grand Cherokee GRAY
2009 WVGBV75N19W002949 Volkswagen Tiguan WHITE
2000 JA4LS31HXYP808074 Mitsubishi MONTERO BEIGE
2007 1J4GL48K47W513482 Jeep Liberty BLUE
1995 1GCCS1943S8125792 Chevrolet S10 BURG
1998 JHLRD2848WC014642 Honda CR-V BLUE
2009 5NPET46C19H488669 hyundai SONATA SILVER